Saturday, September 8, 2018
Music starts: 1:30 PM
Music ends: 10:30 PM


1st National Bank of River Falls Field
600 Hanson Dr
River Falls, WI 54022


Price per ticket: $25.99
Ticket is good for all bands.

Set Times

Easy Hour: 1:30 to 3:00 PM
Firewater Gospel Choir: 3:30 to 5:30 PM
4onthefloor: 6:00 to 8:00 PM
Gear Daddies: 8:30 to 10:30 PM

Grand Slam Jam Tickets

The Bands

Gear Daddies

Gear Daddies

Gear Daddies is an Americana/Rock band originally from Austin, Minnesota.   Members Martin Zellar (electric and acoustic guitar, harmonica and vocals), Nick Ciola (bass), Randy Broughten (electric and pedal steel guitar) and James “Billy” Dankert (drums and vocals), played their first shows together in 1984. Between 1986 and 1992, the band released three popular albums and became an important part of the Twin Cities music scene. Many of the fan’s favorite songs (“Stupid Boy”, “Color of Her Eyes”, “She’s Happy”, “Drank So Much” and many others) are credited to the exceptionally passionate writing skills possessed by Zellar, however Dankert has also contributed some of the compositions , including “Time Heals”, and “Blues Mary”.

Their most notable mainstream success was when they played “Stupid Boy” on Late Night with David Letterman in 1991.  Zellar had this to say of the experience: “I was so nervous, and it all happened so quickly.  I couldn’t tell you what the hell happened. I got done, and I was walking back and said to Randy (Broughten), ‘Did I sing all the words? Did I do that?’ When I watched it that night in the hotel room I had no recollection of having lived it.”

Arguably, Zellar’s “I Wanna Drive the Zamboni” is the band’s best-known song, having been featured in the movies D2: The Mighty Ducks and Mystery, Alaska, as well as on the television program Malcolm in the Middle. It’s also a staple at hockey games throughout North America and Europe.

Gear Daddies have been mentioned as an influence on a number of bands that emerged in the Upper Midwest in the late 1980s through the 1990s, including : The Billy’s, Violet, Shoot Lucy, Dazy Head Mazy, Groundhouse and Six Mile Grove.

Currently, in addition to their respective individual pursuits, the guys of Gear Daddies reunite several times a year to perform throughout the Midwest. Follow the band on Twitter at @geardaddiesband, or on Facebook.



With the 4onthefloor’s third release, All In, frontman, Gabriel Douglas, wants the band’s next album to be driving and immediate; something that speaks to the growing audience of the band. “You don’t need a time machine to experience this record and this isn’t a kid playing with a laptop in their closet,” said Douglas. The band wanted to showcase their roots in blues and also the immediacy of post-pop punk with the hooks & sing-a-longs you’d find in all the best road trip anthems. All songs on this record were written with a notable high octane, and the furious delivery can be heard throughout the tracks.

The band worked with an American treasure, Erik Koskinen, for this record. “He’s got a great studio for live takes with a full band, and a great ear for what works,” said Douglas. The songs are quick, energetic, & fit. Douglas doesn’t write stuff he can’t play and he doesn’t play stuff he doesn’t mean, which you can hear in the immediacy of the songs.

Rock’n’roll has had many definitions. Some more strongly defined in the sound of the music and others by the soul behind them. Influenced by past moments of rock’n’roll by Neil Young, the Guess Who, Led Zeppelin, and including the modern variations carried on by bands like Brand New, Lucero, the Black Keys, and Murder by Death, The 4onthefloor is setting out to stomp on in the footholds of rock’n’roll and light the fires where they need to be lit. Rock’n’roll is alive and well in this band.

Following in the footsteps of some of the band’s influences, being on the road plays a large role in the writing for this record. The merriment must come from all angles, including the stage for a memorable show and the 4onthefloor BRING IT. A small town upbringing brought along the song, “Small Towns.” Growing up in a town of less than 2,000 heartbeats, and no stoplights; the cornerstones of small town America rings true. The song is about enjoying where you are, wherever you are. It’s about finding ways to pick yourself and the folks around you up, finding joy & humbleness in the open hands that you find when you look hard enough. Douglas writes about experiences, failures, successes, and not so much the what-could-have-beens. Life is for the living and this is the soundtrack to a life well lived. Keep the fire in your eyes.


Firewater Gospel Choir

Circa 2015…….

Brother Zeb & Brother Josh united in musical matrimony…….Thus Firewater Gospel Choir was conceived.  After many failed attempts to lure a congregation to follow their musical healing sermons, help was needed and they would not be denied their calling.  Rising from the ashes of recently disbanded musical adventure, rhythm section members, Brother Richard & Brother Brando heeded the call.  Uniting forces to recruit more disciple’s, they lured the ivory tickling talents of one Brother Sanchez.  Finally…..the band of musical healers was complete.  After hours of blood, sweat, and beers, they forged their sound and took it to the people!  THE CONGREGATION REJOICED!!


mu·si·cal heal·ers

ˈmyo͞ozək(ə)l/  ˈhēlərs/

  1. Persons who claims to be able to cure disease, injury or fondness for deplorable music by using musical powers.

-relating to music.

  • set to or accompanied by music.
  • fond of or skilled in music.
  1. Having a pleasant sound; melodious; tuneful
Easy Hour

Easy Hour

The Easy Hour band (formerly known as “Don’t Eat the Daisies”) started their musical journey as college freshmen in a St. Cloud State dormitory. Brent Sipe (country boy, guitar, vocals), Dave Senne (city boy, lead guitar, vocals, keyboard), Brian Christofferson (city boy, percussion), and Craig Millerbernd (country boy, bass, vocals) performed tirelessly throughout the 1990’s, rocking central MN and the upper Midwest with a harmonious blend of popular rock and country favorites. Easy Hour is excited to welcome special guest Joey Peters to the Grand Slam stage.

With their musical careers temporarily derailed by their meddling wives and children (just kidding :)), all four original members reunite several times a year to perform for their fans. With a diverse set-list that includes songs from Alabama and Jimmy Buffet to Soul Asylum and REO Speedwagon, they have a song for everyone and will leave you wanting more. Everyone could use an Easy Hour in their day.

Joey Peters

Joey Peters

Joey hails from Destin Florida.  He plays regularly at clubs up and down the coast.  He is primarily a solo musician playing catchy cover songs.  He is a big Will Hoge fan and will be performing a Will Hoge tune in his set.  He has a great voice and chops and we are lucky to have him fly up to support the Benefit For The Ballpark.

The Story of 1st National Bank of River Falls Field

1st National Bank of River Falls Field was 100% built and maintained by volunteers in River Falls, WI, through the non-profit organization, the River Falls Baseball Council. The River Falls business community donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to help make our community ballpark a reality. The mission of the River Falls Baseball Council is to “provide a community gathering place that provides a positive experience through America’s pastime.” 1st National Bank of River Falls Field hosts over 125 amateur baseball games per summer, including The River Falls Fighting Fish (St. Croix Valley League), American Legion Post 121, River Falls High School, River Falls Youth Baseball, and the River Falls Groupers (35 yrs+ team).

Even with all the donations, 1st National Bank of River Falls Field does have a sizeable construction loan. The “Grand Slam Jam” is going to be a blast but it will also be a huge help for our wonderful community ballpark. The volunteer effort surrounding our ballpark has truly been a team effort. We welcome you to the team and hope you have a great time at the show!